Enjoying Outdoor Activities in Atlanta, Georgia Safely

As the city of Atlanta prepares to open its outdoor pools and host festivals before Memorial Day weekend, safety measures are being taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Tents located at the outdoor activity center or at the Allatoona camp are exempt from regulations and may be allowed to have all sides opaque. Crews can be seen cleaning up pool debris and cleaning the area around the water. In order to maintain a safe environment, pets are not allowed in parks during permitted class A, class B and class C outdoor festivals, as defined in section 142-59 (a) of this Code of Ordinances.

However, animals may be permitted if the owner can demonstrate that the animal is part of a performance, exhibition, or other activity that takes place as part of the outdoor festival or other outdoor event. Pets are allowed in parks during class D and class E outdoor festivals. The use of athletic fields or courts during a permitted outdoor festival is also allowed, provided that the terms of use are set out in the festival permit and the use is consistent with those conditions. The host of an allowed outdoor festival is also exempt from this subsection during the times when the permit is in effect, provided that the use of the items is associated with elements of the event that are authorized by the festival's permission. Whether it's takeout, food delivery, or indoor or outdoor dining, restaurants in Atlanta offer a variety of options while providing a safe environment for employees and guests. With these safety measures in place, visitors can enjoy their time at Atlanta's outdoor pools and festivals without worry.

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