Swimming in Atlanta, Georgia: All You Need to Know

Swimming is a favorite activity in Atlanta, Georgia, and many people love to take a dip in Piedmont Park. But before you jump in, it's essential to understand the rules and regulations that apply to swimming in the area. This two-part sign with Georgia's pool regulations provides the information required by the state for anyone who uses their pool and meets the state swimming pool sign standards under chapter 511-3-5- of the Georgia Department of Public Health. Pets are allowed in parks during class D and class E outdoor festivals, as long as they are part of a performance, exhibition, or other activity that takes place as part of the event. However, pets are not allowed in parks during permitted class A, class B and class C outdoor festivals.

People often have an outdoor shower located on the wall of a house or pool house to access hot and cold water. Outdoor showers can be DIY projects or incorporate high-end elements found in luxurious indoor bathrooms. Kevin Green, owner of Inman Park, built his nearly 7-by-6-foot outdoor shower with cedar fences and decks, which are made of treated wood. The main purpose of an outdoor shower is to remove dirt, sand or other debris after swimming in the pool or after running, biking, or other exercises. Others simply want to bathe in nature.

Whatever your reason for using an outdoor shower, it's important to follow all local regulations and safety guidelines.

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