Unlock the Secrets of a Luxurious Outdoor Oasis with Private Sun Decks in Atlanta, Georgia

Are you looking for a way to make your backyard even more luxurious? Look no further than outdoor showers with private sun decks in Atlanta, Georgia. Kevin Green, owner of Inman Park, has created a nearly 7-by-6-foot outdoor shower with cedar fences and decks made of treated wood. The shower head is connected to a dogwood that rises up the center of the shower, and a canopy of trees extends over the top for some protection. To add a touch of elegance, Green and her daughters used black putty and translucent paint to make two false stained glass windows that open to the backyard.

You don't need to do an extravagant renovation to have your own backyard oasis. Get inspired for your space with these simple outdoor shower ideas. Cool off with a day pass or rent a private cabin at these Atlanta hotels that serve food and drinks by the pool. If you have a pool or terrace in your backyard, an outdoor shower can transform the space into a true outdoor oasis.

From simple to quirky, these outdoor shower ideas are so appealing that you'll never want to use your regular old shower again. For an outdoor shower that blends seamlessly into the surrounding nature, consider installing a shower head on a tall stone wall. Outdoor showers can be DIY projects or incorporate high-end features found in luxury indoor bathrooms. Better yet, a pool that also serves food and cold beverages as they lounge on loungers in the sun, relax in cool, shaded huts, or plunge into the water with a cocktail.

If you associate outdoor showers with the summer camps of your youth, you're sure to be in luck. People often have an outdoor shower located on the wall of a house or pool house to access hot and cold water, Hooten said. If you're going to build an outdoor shower, you could also do your best and surround yourself with nature. If you need a simple outdoor shower that's portable, a camping shower bag is an easy and affordable option.

This way, you can sunbathe or do yoga and then cool off in a relaxing shower without having to go far. An outdoor sink can always be useful, especially if you have children who like to pick up mud and dirt inside after playing in the yard. Building an outdoor shower requires the installation of piping systems to move water from your home's main water source to the new shower. Install a shower system on the terrace to wash after swimming in the pool or tanning in the scorching summer sun.

Since you'll still have a water line that goes to your outdoor shower, leave room for a separate sink nearby. With all these features combined, you can create an outdoor oasis that will make your backyard feel like an exclusive resort. Whether it's for convenience or luxury, an outdoor shower with private sun decks is sure to make your backyard experience even more enjoyable.

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